Generic "HTTP error" on uploads after trial migration to Ubuntu/Apache2

  • I'm in the process of moving my web server to an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server with Apache2. So far the process has been fairly painless, but something about my configuration is breaking the Media Cloud plugin. Unfortunately, I'm not getting a lot of feedback from the plugin as to what the problem is.

    Uploaded files successfully copy to the local /wp-content/ folder, but are not uploaded to AWS. I get a very generic, nondescript, "HTTP error" on the Media Library. Is there a log file that would tell me more information as to what's causing this issue?

    alt text

    The Media Cloud System Compatibility Test page gives curious warnings about my PHP version (I have 7.2 and it says I need at least 7.x) and lack of PHP-FPM installed (which I have). Are these related?

    alt text

  • An update on my troubleshooting:

    This appears to only affect images, and any audio/video that has artwork. Non-image documents, and audio/video files containing no artwork upload just fine. This leads me to believe that I am missing a local image processor in my Apache installation.

  • SOLVED! I'm an idiot.

    As a somewhat new Ubuntu administrator, I didn't realize how bare-bones Apache/PHP is as delivered with a simple apt install. php-gd was not installed and image processing locally was at fault.

    Thanks for letting me spam your support forums. Hopefully someone else finds this useful.

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