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Hello everyone, Charles here. Please read my post on changes to Media Cloud support and updates regarding Media Cloud in general.


Not viewing images on the website

  • All the image links on my website are broken and there is no evidence of them being uploaded to my cloud storage as well. What should be done?

  • Hey I am not a technical person. And I thought I would be using this as any other plugin but this seems a lot more technical. I am not able to see the images on my cloud storage, and my images are broken. How can these be fixed?

    The uploaded file is not publicly accessible. If you are using Imgix, this may not be matter if you are using S3 or Google Cloud Storage. For Digital Ocean and others, this is a big deal.
    Upload sample file is not publicly viewable.

    I changed everything possible on google storage but still it is the same

  • @pavan

    It's likely you created the bucket with a "Bucket Only Policy" or you didn't give the correct permissions to your IAM user.

    Google Cloud Storage is a PITA to setup.

    Did you follow the tutorial step by step?

  • Hi Jon!How do I delete the files that are already uploaded on google cloud storage? If I delete them on local Word Press server the images on the website are also getting deleted.

  • Hi, can you let me know the path forward? And how do I ensure that cache settings are as per the recommendation? How do I size the images appropriately for the web pages? Thanks!

  • I tried clean uploads but nothing is working

  • @jong - Can you please let me know what to do here? How to clean the local server? And I have sent you an email with a few other questions. Hoping to get a response from you

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