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Long Pageload Times After Activating Plugin

  • Hello,

    I'm experimenting with this plugin to see if we can optimize the images on our website. We already use Imgix and AWS for some of our web-based images, but I wanted to fully commit to Cloud image hosting for all of our WP images. A little note, we've got 3 environments, Test, Staging, and Live for our website.

    I installed everything on our Test environment (which is on my localhost WAMP server), set up the configuration and had no problems with loading times. However, I did run into an error stating my server clock was off by 130 years during the system check, I assumed this was because of the WAMP server. So, I pushed all the plugin files to Staging, which is running on a dedicated box within our building on an actual CentOS box. After activating the plugin, page load times increase dramatically. It takes between 5-10 seconds to load any given page on the site, front-end content pages and back-end admin pages. Everything is configured and connecting correctly in the systems test, it's just taking FOREVER to load pages. Not sure why.

    I tried disabling "Run in Background" thinking it was running some bit of code on every page load, but it doesn't seem to fix the issue.

    Was really hoping this plugin would decrease our page load times, unfortunately, it seems to be doing the opposite at the moment. Any advice is appreciated, I'd love to get this working correctly.

  • @philWeb

    Can you run QueryMonitor, or time the page load via the inspector?

    Is there a URL I can check out? You can email me at [email protected]

  • I must admit that my server load spiked and RAM filled to 100% every time someone uploaded an image to the media bin in Wordpress. This caused 500 errors on all sites on the server (which is not that many). We turned off the plugin and everything went back to normal. Some process in this plugin is causing us significant headaches. We attached s3 and imgix and it works but uploading new files killed everything.

    Let me know if you want more insight into the environment.

  • @fillinthe
    Did you figure out what was going on?

  • Had to turn off the plugin and not use it anymore. That is where I am now.

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