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Create persistent URL for uploading and other questions

  • Hi,

    Our goal is to use Digital Ocean Spaces and Media Cloud to upload podcast files (.mp3) and then insert the resulting URL into PowerPress, a podcasting plugin for WordPress. I'm trying to understand the following:

    1. After connecting Media Cloud to DO Spaces, I know that all files uploaded to WordPress are moved to DO Spaces, how do we sync previously uploaded files before integrating Media Cloud with WordPRess?

    2. I understand that WordPress creates folders based on the year/month (2019/02) of the upload. The problem with this is, we need to give the DJ uploading the podcast a set URL structure that they will always prepend to the .mp3 when they add the MP3 to the PowerPress text field.

    We don't want that to change by month. We want a fixed URL they will always prepend to the .mp3, so that it never changes.

    I know that there is: @{unique-path} - A unique identifier split into two character paths. For example: /26/68/09/c7/c0/62/62/d4/, but not sure how to implement this and if this is a solution.

    1. Lastly, we would love to be able to add a custom function to PowerPress so that instead of asking the DJ to prepend the fixed URL to the filename and set that in PowerPress, that the DJ only has to click to upload the file and we can then pass the filepath to PowerPress of the resulting unique upload.

    I'm hoping to get some clarity on these things and am asking PowerPress about how we can integrate Media Cloud to pass the resulting URL from an upload to DO Spaces via Media Cloud into the PowerPress field for the .mp3 and verify, so that it becomes easier for the DJ to upload.

    And, we don't want the URL changing every month, because of the way WordPress changes the folder name monthly.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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