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Hello everyone, Charles here. Please read my post on changes to Media Cloud support and updates regarding Media Cloud in general.


Manually Delete Images

  • I'm new to this so I forgive me if my questions are so basic. I setup Media Cloud, it is integrated with my S3, and it deletes the images in my media library as expected. The images already in my media library in Wordpress are not deleted, and your manual says to delete them manually after they are uploaded to Cloud. Do I delete all but the thumbnails?

  • @customle
    Be careful about deleting images.
    After completing the whole migration porocess and regenerating thumbnails, I thought I'd do a little house cleaning.
    So I went into the media library and started deleting "unattached" images, images that I had uploaded and never got around to using, or so I thought.
    Bad move. I lost complete galleries from some posts -- the system lies!

  • @Revhead

    Do you mean by "unattached" images that were on your server but not in the media library?

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