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Estimated Imgix costs? (based on previous recommendation)

  • @jong based on a previous recommend you provided in the WordPress forums, after putting the CDN behind Cloudflare, you mentioned the pricing was about $10 a month for a really large image heavy site.


    After going live with this new setup, within a day it goes to $18.72. Do you think I should expect it to drop or stay the same in the next month since bandwidth charges should decrease after the images have been cached by Cloudflare?

  • @Tanner-Chung

    The bulk of your cost is the master images charges which the Cloudflare trick isn't going to help you with.

    For my clients, that master images number always decays over a few months from launch. The site we built the plugin for has close to 80,000 images on their site but their monthly Imgix spend varies from $10 to $30 a month because the traffic flow through their site decays and not all 80,000 images are accessed monthly. For that client, their bandwidth charges would equal or exceed their master image charges just due to the traffic they carry. But each site is different. If people love your content and they're hitting every page every month and loading up every image you have, that's a good bad problem to have I guess.

    If you aren't really using Imgix's features you may want to consider turning it off. For us, our clients, we require it as part of our stack when we are engaged to build sites because it makes our flow easier and it future proofs them from frequent design updates or frequent new features which require new image sizes. A few of our clients also use the ability to stylize specific image sizes as part of their design (for example, the hero image should always be monochrome or hero background images should always be blurred). The focus cropping is another one we're seeing more using. Non-destructive watermarking is another. But if you aren't using any of those features, than you don't really need Imgix, imho.

  • Okay, seems like I'll see what happens in the next couple of months. The site is a blog with image heavy content. I'm using Imgix to get some of the speed gains due to the automatic image resizing, but we'll see if it's worth it or if I should just compress all the images.

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