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What are web/app/mcloud-views folder for ?

  • Hello,

    Should web/app/mcloud-views be ignored from the git repository ?
    What are the files inside this folder generated for ?

    When and how it's generated? (i'm asking because each time we deploy a wordpress project, the filesystem is lost, only what's on our git is deployed on the server)

    Thank you.

  • @tristanbes

    We use Laravel's Blade view system for rendering the settings page. There's an unfortunate "compilation" step and this directory stores the results of that.

    It will be recreated if it doesn't exist, so it can be deleted.

    You can also set the path with the ILAB_MEDIA_CLOUD_VIEW_CACHE environment variable if you want to put it like in /tmp or something.

  • @jong Thank you ! Clarifies a lot.

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