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plugin changes URL of images

  • I installed 3.1 and started uploading media to cloud storage. It was putting a strain on the server so I stopped it with the plan to run it overnight. However, now there are a lot of broken images on my site.

    It looks like the plugin is stripping out the year/month in the URL pointing to the images. So now, whether the thumbnails exist or not, they appear broken because the URL is wrong.

    This is what gets rendered in the page (line breaks added by me for readability):

    <img width="990" height="556" src="" 
    class="attachment-herald-lay-a1 size-herald-lay-a1 wp-post-image" alt="" 
    srcset=" 990w, 150w, 768w, 1200w, 300w, 800w, 600w" 
    sizes="(max-width: 990px) 100vw, 990px" data-wp-pid="160194" nopin="nopin">

    So this URL is valid: and refers to a real file, but all of the URLS in the srcset lack the /2019/05 part of the path and so are broken.

  • Gutenberg's image block is broken.

    You will need to disable srcset until they fix it. Go to Cloud Storage settings and towards the bottom is a toggle:

    Screenshot of Safari (7-25-19, 1-25-01 PM).png

    This is a temporary workaround until they release 5.2.3 which should have the fix.

    They really screwed the pooch on this one which is why we discourage clients from using Gutenberg.

  • So I'm using the classic editor plugin, not Gutenberg blocks. Disabling srcset did fix the display issues, but I'm concerned because the URLs are now different and pointing to a file that doesn't exist. So when srcset is fixed, the images will still be broken.

  • Is it possible for you to deactivate media cloud for a minute, load that page and then send me what the html was before Media Cloud altered the URLs?

    The good news is that Media Cloud changes URLs on the fly it doesn't make permanent database changes. So depending on the result of the above we can figure out if it's a bug or a metadata issue or something else.



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