Pricing model feedback

  • Hello,

    Based on the new pricing model: I wanted to provide you some feedback.

    We are an agency that has currently more than 150 (cheap) WordPress. On each licence we buy for plugins, we buy it with "unlimited licences" because of our high volume WordPress sites.

    Your current pricing, does not include a "unlimited" license, and though, even it it were an unlimited licence, it would too expansive for us based on what's displayed on your pricing page as it would mean to increase the pricing model for our customer "just" to use Media Cloud.

    Some example of our paid plugins:
    100$ for unlimited sites for ACF Pro - lifetime
    ~60$/month for unlimited sites for WP Migrate DB pro
    399$/year for unlimited sites for Formidable Forms

    Right now, the pricing model prevents me from suggesting the idea to drop s3-uploads to propose your plugin instead. Lowering the cost and offering a plan with unlimited website with correct pricing would bring you more customer.


  • Hello @jong is that possible to get a feedback here or in private ?

    I need to know if we can work this thing out or if we need to remove media cloud of our future version because they contain woocommerce/wpml

    Thank you 🙂

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