Does Media Cloud require any specific IPs?

  • In settings, towards the bottom:

    Monosnap 2019-07-21 08-11-01.png

  • Odd, but I'm not seeing this menu option anymore. It was there before.
    My web host has been really helpful but they are unable to get the plugin working wirh Amazon S3.
    I had to disable the plugin because although it successfully uploaded the images from a new post, I don't think they could be retrieved when I tried to preview that post.
    When I run the Troubleshooter it brings down the website witha 503 error when it gets to the batch process check.
    I'm out of my depth and I don't know how to proceed?

  • Contact me @ [email protected]

  • Are you able to confirm what IP ranges Media Cloud operates on?

  • @Revhead

    Yeah, I've been testing it and background processing won't work on your WordPress install. I honestly don't know why. But it's also not limited to Media Cloud. If you run Site Health test in the Tools menu:

    Site Health Info ‹ — WordPress 2019-07-22 10-16-09.png

    After the test runs, you'll see:

    Screenshot of Safari (7-22-19, 10-18-24 AM).png

    So that tells us your server is not configured correctly or you hosting provider has some weird setup that doesn't allow loopback.

    You can still do the Migrate to Storage however. You will just need to leave that browser window open until it is finished.

  • @jong
    No there's more to it than that.
    While any new stuff I upload works, WordPress will not display the images.
    I have to turn off Media Cloud, delete the images from WordPress and re-add them to get them to display.
    What about the IP ranges that Media Cloud uses, what are they?

  • @Revhead

    There's no IP ranges, I don't even know what that means.

    Where are you displaying the images that they are broken? In a post? In some third party image gallery plugin? Do you have URLs where there broken images that I can see?

  • Displaying the images in a post gallery. It just shows placeholders. Can't show you because I corrected them.

  • @Revhead

    How do you make the gallery?

  • @Revhead

    Can you make an unpublished post with a gallery with broken images so I can see the preview?

  • @jong

    Good news. Some anyway.
    Single photos are now working. I uploaded images with the box ticked to delete them from server. All looks good.
    Galleries. My theme BfastMag Pro has a plugin called Tiled Galleries without Jetpck. I diabled this and the gallery (using the same 9 x single pix that I uploaded previously) now seem to work.
    Both single and gallery photos preview okay.
    Only thing not working now is batch processing.
    I should mention that instead of your bucket policy recommendation, I am using “AmazonS3FullAccess”. Don't know if there is any difference?

  • @Revhead

    Yeah a lot of gallery plugins try to do things outside of the WordPress(tm) way of doing things, I'm not sure why.

    Email me when you are ready to do batch processing and I'll troubleshoot it again.

    As for the AmazonS3FullAccess policy, that's fine but it's more insecure.

  • @Revhead

    Version 3.1.0 was released that should fix your issues with migrating to the cloud.

  • I can upload images manually using the Migrate tool, but Troubleshooter still gives the batch error even with the new version.
    Have to work out how to install WP-CLI so I can upload them more than 20 at a time.

  • @Revhead
    Can you please explain in detail how to use WP-CLI. Pretend I know nothing.

  • @Revhead
    Good news. I think I may have the bulk processing problem licked.
    I got WP-CLI to work, although I am still trying to get my head around the offset and page arguements.
    If for example I use a limit 500 and page 4 -- that processes 500 images in the range 2000-2500? Is that correct?
    Anyway, back to the problem.
    When I first got WP-CLI to respond, it returned some error messages, one of which I noticed mentioned the plugin Premium SEO pack.
    I tried deactivating this plugin and bingo it looks like it's working.

  • @Revhead

    Yes the page offset works like you described.

  • It seems to upload images in no particular order.
    How do you specify a date range for bulk upload in CLI eg. images uploaded in March, 2019?

  • @Revhead It uploads in the "natural order" of your media library. There isn't a way to control the upload order at the moment or specify a date range.

  • Tried to update to latest version.
    Got stuck in maintenance mode.
    When I got the site back, Media Cloud was no longer installed.
    Tried to reinstall, but installation failed - message that folder already exists.
    Don't want to lose all my settings by deleting the folder?

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