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Full size images not working in Avada Theme fusion 5.9.1

  • Hi,

    I am having an odd issue. I have just updated my Avada theme to 5.9.1.

    It’s odd because the Fusion Builder uses the full size image that I want to use until I select the Container to be full 100% width. You can see on the attached image 01, when I try to save the image its using the 1200px width image, the Container is not set to 100%.

    Once the container is set to 100% full width it does not even try to use the 1024px width image, it uses the 800px width image. It just makes an arbitrary jump back two sizes. You can see from the attached image 02 that it has the size right 1200px width, but its not using the correct image so it's blurry. And when I try to save the image you can see that it is using the 800px width image.

    When I turn the Media Cloud Plugin off everything works as planned.

    imagesize01.jpg imagesize02.jpg

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