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Woocommerce integration problems and no Spaces direct upload.

  • Hello,

    I purchased Pro for 3 sites a day or so ago. The installation was easy, so far so good.

    However, on the first upload of a 94MB file, I get:

    The downloadable file cannot be used as it does not exist on the server.

    when I Publish or Update the Woocommerce downloadable Product.

    I changed the delete from server after the move to Spaces and MediaCloud worked fine for a 10MB MP4. So I tried the 94MB file again, same error.

    Unfortunately, all of our Woocommerce Downloadable Products have MP4 files that range in size from 100MB to 3GB+.

    Once i got this error, I looked into Direct Upload only to find the MediaCloud Direct Upload works with S3 and we don't use S3, we use DO Spaces which is not only cheaper but MUCH EASIER to set up and use.

    I also don't any idea about what "Use Pre-Signed URLs" and "Pre-Signed URL Expiration" ... the ?(explanation) is rather vague. We have been selling downloadable products with Woocommerce for years. A customer has access to their downloadable purchased for Life: no download limits and no expiration date. I will assume that Pre-Signed Expiring URLs is how MediaCloud "secures" downloadable file from being free whereas Woocommerce stuffs (uploads) the downloadable files into a .htaccess protected directory (Deny from all) and the only access to the files is through Woocommerce.

    I have attempted to contact Support through the Chat several times only to get "back later" and to be able to send my email address. I have yet to get a reply. I have sent an email to [email protected] ... still waiting for a reply.

    With no reply for an existing issue and the fact that Direct Upload does not work for DO Spaces, I can see this extending beyond the 14 days Refund Policy so I am requesting Refund now.

    I hate to vent / rant here, but, going without any indication that my issue has been received is very frustrating. You need to get a better Support method like a Ticketing System that is available in the Client's dashboard.

    Hopefully, I got someone's attention.

    Thank you.

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