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PDF uploads to Amazon but MediaCloud losing that fact

  • The PDF files that I have uploaded to my website thru media manager have transferred over to my Amazon storage (and deletes off the local server after upload) but MediaCloud is not recognizing that the files are now on the cloud. The PDF files do not have the little cloud icon on them in the wordpress media manager and the link on the Attachment Details is still showing my local server. The PDF files in the front end return a file not found error message. It is only PDF files that have this problem. Images and video files are fine.

    I am running the latest version of MediaCloud. Any ideas?

  • @steve30000

    Are you using direct uploads? Can you send an admin login to [email protected] or contact me on the livechat on to schedule a screen share?



  • @jong I am not using direct uploads. I will email you admin login now. Thanks.

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