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Divi Visual Builder

  • Does Media Cloud work with Divi Visual Builder to show images during page editing?

  • @bmann1337

    I've not used Divi, but I'm guessing it would work fine as Media Cloud works OK with other page builders sans some caveats.

    The biggest caveat is that Media Cloud doesn't rewrite URLs in the database, it does it on the fly when rendering the page. But it only does it with post content, which for some page builders means Media Cloud can't filter the surrounding output of the page builder. This typically is not a big deal if the page builder is a responsible citizen and is called the appropriate wordpress functions to get an image URL as we also hook into that too.

    One other caveat is that some page builders use background: url() CSS for elements and then cache that CSS fragment either in an external stylesheet or in the database (Elementor for example). So you'll need to find the "clear cache" button or whatever function for your particular page builder to force the CSS to regenerate with the correct URLs.

    In the case of Elementor, that's not enough because they wrongly cache the image URL value of certain elements and never update it, but we provide a batch processing tool for Elementor pages to fix that.

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