Drag and drop images does not work in Chrome or Safari

  • WP 5.2.5, MediaCloud 3.3.11
    Direct Uploads enabled, using Amazon S3.

    On the post edit screen, dragging and dropping an image appears to start the upload but the image never gets uploaded nor added to the image library.
    Same when I click "Add media" and drag an image to that screen. Even when I click the Upload Files tab and select the image file from a dialog box, it still doesn't upload. The only way I can upload image files is from the Media Library -> Add New screen.

    This happens in Chrome on Windows and Safari on Mac. Using Edge on Windows works as it should.

    Any ideas on how to fix?

  • I have found the solution to this issue.
    There was no CORS policy on the bucket.
    Once I added a CORS policy it works!
    Still don't know why it worked in Edge though.

  • Perhaps a CORS configuration check could be added to the System Check?

  • @jasondiff

    That's a good idea.

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