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Encoded URLs of images used in RSS feed

  • Hi there,

    I am getting errors during the validation process of the RSS feed (that I need for a newsletter) due to image URLs from Imgix, Is this something that needs to be re-encoded specifically for RSS, ie creating a piece of code that parses and re-encodes Imgix URLs or is that something that can be configured somewhere?



  • @John-Garner

    I'm guessing when WordPress generates the RSS feed, it's not encoding the query string for the imgix URLs. I'll take a look at this next week for sure.

  • @John-Garner

    I setup a test site, loaded it with images (using media cloud + imgix) and then created a crapload of dummy posts using the images in various ways (galleries, etc).

    The RSS feed seems fine and validated for me. How is your RSS being generated? I'm just using the default wordpress RSS feed.



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