Using 1 focal point on source image to be used across all thumbnail formats

  • Hi,

    I have used a plugin that allowed me to select one focal point on the full source image and this point was replicated across all other thumbnail formats.

    Am I correct in thinking that when you select a focal point on the source image in CloudMedia, that this is not replicated in the same point across all thumbnails?

    The issue is that when you have over 20 formats and sometimes up to 15 images per post this takes an enormous amount of time as opposed to the approach explained above.

    Would this be possible if it is not already possible and I've not understood how to do it?



  • @John-Garner

    The way you would do it:

    • Open the image in the image editor
    • Make sure the "Source Image" is selected in size
    • Make your adjustments, set the focus crop, etc.
    • Save adjustments

    That focal point should be used across any cropped image sizes. Note that any manual cropping will override the focus crop. If you use the "Image Size Manager" you can see which image sizes are cropped. You can also set the imgix properties for any specific size there as well.

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