Incredibly Long Page Loads

  • When we enabled this plugin for a client, after all the media had been offloaded, the site now has incredibly long load times for the initial response to be returned.

    Turning on the logging, it look like WP Media Offload is uploading the same images multiple time before each request can be served. The same files over and over again. Resulting in a huge delay on initial page load.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Also getting an error may be related:

    WARNING	[12426] A non-numeric value encountered



  • No one have any ideas? Where can we get official support?

  • @Josh-Jarman

    Sorry for the delayed response, we’ve been out on vacation for the holidays.

    Fixed in the update coming out this weekend.

    When rewriting URLs, Media Cloud tries to match an image URL to an attachment, but that particular query can be slow on some systems that either have a shit ton of posts or a slow database server. We've added a lookup table so that slow query is only ever run once but we are still testing it out.

  • Hello @jong Thanks for the reply.

    What we are seeing is something different than you describe, we are seeing the same images being uploaded over and over again every single time a page is loaded. images that already have been uploaded to the s3 just fine.

    Basically on every page load it is uploading the images again and again, many multiple times, that it is going to download saving neither bandwidth nor time. 😜 Also this means that the upload is never completed and the page takes several minutes to load.

    We had to disable the plugin in order to get the site working.
    The client does need this functionality so we either need to get this fixed and working or switch to an alternative solution.

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