A bug in working with the standard WordPress gallery

  • Fine! I installed it and immediately ran into a problem. 😞
    After turning on the plugin, it breaks the standard Wordpress gallery.

    As I understand it, the plugin creates separate image formats. And breaks the old ones. I have added a lot of entries using the standard gallery extended using JS. All galleries have the "full" format selected. It ceases to function when the plugin is turned on.


  • @leaderr

    No, we don't add any image sizes.

    We do, however, make all the ones that are defined in WordPress (either WordPress itself has defined them or your theme has defined them) available in the post editor when they are normally not. The default behavior is for WordPress to only display Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full.

    That's been in Media Cloud for almost 5 years now. Not sure why it would suddenly break anything or what it's breaking exactly.

    This doesn't look like the output of the default gallery though, what plugin are you using?

  • I tested working with disabling all plugins. When I select the "full" format, your plugin throws random images onto the gallery. Without a plugin, everything works well.

    If you select a different format, for example "large", everything works well. Why does the plugin generally rewrite links? This is clearly wrong.

    Regarding the emergence of new formats, I checked on a clean installation of the Elementor theme and your plugin on another site. When you turn on your plugin, the number of formats has increased.

  • Output of the standard gallery with and without the plugin enabled.


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