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Setup for woocommerce downloadable products

  • Hi,
    I haven’t found the way to upload downloadable products as private. If I enable private ACL, all of my uploads become private( including media for the main site). Anyone has the way it should be configured?


  • @Dario-Gonzalez

    In the pro version you can specify different ACLs for the four different file types; images, video, audio and documents.

  • Hi Jon, I have pro version but I’m unsure of the configuration. If I set to private images, all images will be set as private, including the ones that should be public( for example the product gallery) what I am doing wrong?

    Whats the proper configuration for using with woocommerce ? I need images to be public if there are gallery product but if there are uploaded as the downloadable product I need to be private with pre signed.


  • @jong Important: my downloadables are images and videos so I need to set them private or public depending on where they were uploaded.

    Thanks and congratulation for the plugin!

  • @Dario-Gonzalez

    The problem is that it's impossible for media cloud to know the context of what is going on at the point that it's uploading to cloud storage. We've added a filter in an upcoming release that may help, but I doubt it because the point that it is called, there's no way for you to determine the context of the upload:

    add_filter('media-cloud/storage/override-privacy', function($privacy, $key, $file, $meta) {
        if (isset($meta['image_meta']) || isset($meta['sizes'])) {
            // this is the main image.
        } else {
            // this is a thumbnail or sized version of the main image.
        return $privacy;
    }, 1000, 4);

    This will be in the next update, but I don't think it'll be all that useful. When you do an upload from the product edit screen in Woo, it looks the exact same as a normal upload to Media Cloud.

    The one thing you can do is, once you upload an image, if you go to the edit screen for the upload, you can manually change the privacy.

  • @jong thanks for the quick answer. And it’s possible to upload all the images as private with presigned url or it will fails to load the gallery images? I mean if I set ACL to private For images, the main image of the product will be seen by unregistered users? Or it will fails?
    Im using wcfm marketplace plugin and products are created from their dashboard. maybe they have some flag to add so mediacloud can recognize that’s a downloadable product.
    I will talk to them and get back to you.

    Thanks again!

  • @jong files are uploaded with a dashboard of the plugin (its a vendor marketplace).
    This is how a vendor uploads a file for downloadable products

    Maybe i can talk to them to know how the button "subir" (upload) works and if its possible to add something for mediacloud to identify that.

    plugin site:

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