Page speed decrease/ Leverage browser caching

  • Hi. I put online my site, and I run a couple of speed test without the plugin. I had very good scores, above 90, with minimal recommendations. I started to use the plugin, created a plugin and so on, and now I am getting a red recommendation about the leverage browser catching , and a slower page.
    Shouldn't this work on the opposite way?
    *I have run several tests, and I know that it depends on a lots of things
    ** I am not chasing the higher number, but the number of requests and fully loaded time
    *** I am planning to increase the size of the page and the content, so it's important to understand how this can help me




  • @Szilárd-Dénes

    You can specify those settings in Cloud Storage, in the "Upload Handling" section:

    Screenshot of Safari (12-8-19, 11-13-02 AM).png

    Changing that isn't retroactive though, it'll only apply the new settings to new uploads.

    I'd urge you to use Amazon CloudFront with S3, CloudFront will take care of all these issues for you and the performance will be better than just straight up S3.

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