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Plugin creating huge images in the admin

  • I'm using Media Cloud with Amazon S3 and imgIX, and everything seems to be working fine, for the most part. However, the admin is rendering imgIX images whose longest edge is set to 10000px! This is what it's rendering after the file name:


    But then the image is never quite that long. This one is 8,192px × 5,229px.

    I have disabled all extra image sizes by going to media settings and setting every image dimension to 0. So I'm not why Media Cloud is doing this. It will take an image that's only 300px high and upsample it to this huge thing. How do I prevent this?

  • @Threex5

    Send an admin login me. Check your DM.

  • Hi @jong, I have figured this out. If you set all your image sizes to '0' in media settings, as a way of disabling them, Media Cloud and imgIX don't seem to like that and the admin will make the large size 100000 px on the longest edge.

    I always disable the image sizes because I don't want a bunch of extra sizes in my upload folders. But obviously ImgIX fixes this problem, so there's no harm in having the sizes.

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