URL location issue for regenerated thumbnails & possible to delete DB entries for uploaded files

  • I currently have set the media upload path set as @{date:Y/m/d}. If I run a thumbnail regeneration tool like Force Regenerate Thumbnails, it uploads the media to the current Y-m-d format, instead of the publish date of the post. Is it possible to have it respect the publish date of the original post? The reason being I have files with same name and this process is messing up, overwriting existing files.

    Secondly, is it possible to clean the database of all the uploads to my cloud? I will manually delete all the files uploaded to the cloud, is it possible to clear the database entries? This way I can reprocess and upload.

  • @neeldude

    For #1, the answer is no. When it generates the upload path, there is no way for it to know what post it is associated with.

    Not sure I understand what you mean for #2.

    There is the "Unlink from Cloud Storage" option which will remove all the cloud storage metadata. Always backup your DB first.

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