Image Upload Hangs

  • We are a Media Cloud Premium user and everything works great for us but we started having a small issue today which I am not sure if its related after the upgrade due to the new WordPress version. When we go to upload a picture it is hanging and does not finish the upload. We have tried numerous different images with the same result. Its imperative we get this fixed due to the nature of what our business is (news) company. I would appreciate assistance on this ASAP!

    Screenshot of what we see when we go to upload an image.


  • Just an FYI that the images we are uploading are 300KB and JPEG so very small!

  • @digitaledge

    You should downgrade to 5.2.4.

    We have a fix for 5.3 but we are in the process of testing it and won't have it released until Monday or Tuesday.

  • Thank you for the reply Jon! Where can I download 5.2.4 and how do I downgrade?

  • @digitaledge

    I don't know how you downgrade as I use bedrock so it's as simple as changing a line in composer.

    There is a plugin that allows you to do it:

    Backup your database first.

    These are my general rules with regards to WordPress upgrades for my clients:

    • Never upgrade to the first major version, wait for 5.X.1
    • Test the upgrade first on a staging or dev environment

    Which is not an excuse for us being unprepared with Media Cloud for 5.3. I thought we were OK until I tested it more thoroughly yesterday. They changed how uploads work and it's now a bit more complicated, hence the need for all the scenario testing we'll be doing over the next few days.

  • Thanks for the tips Jon. Ironically it works fine if we use another browser (i.e. Firefox) but Chrome is hating it hardcore. I can try the steps you suggested and see if I can get it downgraded.

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