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Thumbnail missing in storage upload?

  • Screenshot_062319_101603_PM.jpg

    How can I reupload to make sure all images are uploaded? Or uploaded items individually?

  • Okay I found where you can regenerate an image - at the individual image page. But, I am having trouble figuring out how to get that one thumbnail to upload!

    I've regenerated all of the thumbs just in case and used the bulk uploader to push all the files to cloud storage, even after the bulk upload, it is still missing from Digital Ocean Space's file manager.

  • If it's not an image size that's defined in your theme via add_image_size() then Media Cloud won't upload it.

    I thought you were using Imgix?

  • Screenshot_062519_091444_PM.jpg

    Admittedly, it wasn't there when I first did the bulk import, but then I did add it, regenerated the thumbnails, and started the bulk import. But after the bulk import was done, that file size still did not exist in the "S3 bucket"

    As for the question of Imgix or not, I thought Imgix sourced from the "S3 bucket" so doesn't this apply both ways

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