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Unwatermarked, full size images shown in google results

  • Hi,
    Using your plugin for a while now I suddenly discover a very nasty issue.
    I am using Amazon S3 for storage and Imgix as cdn. As I try to run and extend a stock photo site it is very important that the visible images are only those which are watermarked. That worked very good.
    This morning however I noticed that the images on the google image result pages are showing the unwatermarked full size results. As you can imagine that's not what I want as image theft is incredible easy this way.
    I really don't know from what point went wrong....
    Need a solution to correct this....

    Thanks in advance.


  • @AdriO

    You need to turn off images/attachments in your sitemap.

  • @AdriO

    Did that help?

  • @jong Sorry, missed your first rely somehow. Thanks for helping me out.

    I think it will not bring me the desired result as I do want my images indexed. Only the hi-res, not watermarked one has to be hidden from google results.
    All the other ones may be shown WITH watermark.

    The hi-res, without a watermark is the download file (download only available after a purchase).

    At this moment these hi-res images are revealed anyway....

  • @AdriO

    Yeah, if you have an image sitemap, it will list the full sized master image by default. You'll need to figure out how to change it so it only lists a specific size (one with a watermark).

    If you are using Yoast:

    I don't think you can do it very easily with SEO Framework. Not sure about RankMath either.

    For SEOPress:

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