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Hello everyone, Charles here. Please read my post on changes to Media Cloud support and updates regarding Media Cloud in general.


How to fully uninstall the plugin?

  • I am having issues saving css edits on my site since I started using the app and even now won't let me save changes. How can I reverse this affect?

    I have issues with this plugin for 2 weeks and still have not heard back from anyone. WTH???

  • I even tried using a method from another answer just now:$ wp mediacloud unlink
    *Error: 'mediacloud' is not a registered wp command. See 'wp help' for available commands*.*

    Still need answers...

  • my issue is similar, but when i disable, the whole site breaks

    if i use upload wp/theme files, the most onsite styling just breaks completely, - disbaling plugin does not fix anything

    i have a paid version, but also still wiating for support response for days now

    i initially got a response - "page builder must be doing this"

  • @jwnesbitt @Branded-Merch

    Sorry for the delayed response, I had some family issues to tend to earlier this week.

    Nesbitt, those credentials you sent don't work.

    If you disable Media Cloud, and I enumerated this in a previous email, there is no way for image urls to remain the same. It's technically impossible. Media Cloud doesn't write URLs to the database, it creates them on the fly. And it can only create them on the fly if the plugin is enabled.

    That means if you are still seeing cloud storage image URLs on your pages, another plugin is caching the URLs. Typically that happens with page builders, sometimes with caching plugins, sometimes with object caching plugins (redis-cache).

    Not sure what you mean by "can't edit css" or what that has to do with media cloud? If you can send me admin logins [email protected] I can investigate further.



  • @jong Sorry that you had some family issues. I have read countless reviews expressing your response time (personally for me it has been 2 weeks) so at this time, I have moved forward with fixing it myself since I have some light dev experience and did all of the caching and db deletions on my end as well as with imgix's side as well.

    I run a Ubuntu 18.04 server with Nginx and Maria DB and set up alot of security measures and what made the site halt was the Cors Policy and trying to make it work for 4 days and then the guys at Imgix where kind enough to step in with a few notes and suggests. Since I am in the dev stage, it is not worth the mental strain to move forward with this plugin, even though, I will give you great Kudos on the development. It is a great tool if I had a team to help work with this.

    Thank you for your response and I hope you and your family are well.

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