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Hello everyone, Charles here. Please read my post on changes to Media Cloud support and updates regarding Media Cloud in general.


CloudFlare CDN Base URL

  • How do I enter the Cloudflare base URL in the settings? My host said this:
    The base URL which runs through Cloudflare definitely is That address uses the DNS entry so it should be exactly what you need!

    I tried both, but neither worked. I just got a broken link for all images.

  • @customle

    I don't think your host knows what they're talking about.

    What they are describing is called "cname flattening" and that allows you to use a naked root domain with cloudflare without having to switch nameservers over to cloudflare.

    Now, this has nothing to do with Media Cloud, the setup described above is for caching your website on cloudflare, meaning the HTML + CSS + Javascript + whatever other resources are being hosted directly on your server. NOT the media hosted on cloud storage, which in your case appears to be Amazon.

    To use Cloudflare with Amazon requires a much different setup.

  • Thank you for that explanation, it makes sense. I will research Amazon S3 for details on how to setup that up with Cloudflare.

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