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Confusion about 'Make default for size'

  • I've watched the 'Crop Tool and Image Editor Overview' video at

    From what I understand after watching this, I should be able to apply global image treatments as follows:

    1. Edit any image
    2. Select the 'Source' image
    3. Apply Stylize > Sepia: 100%
    4. New preset: 'Sepia test' > Save preset
    5. Check 'Make default for size'
    6. Save adjustments
    7. Close modal
    8. Edit any other image
    9. Source image should have the 'Sepia test' preset applied

    But step 9 doesn't work as expected. The Source image being edited displays the regular non-Sepia style.

    Is this a bug, or am I confused about how this works?

    In other words, how do I create a global style and apply it to all similar sizes (or simply to everything)?


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