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mcloud_task wp-admin/ajax.php issues

  • I am getting server issues with wp-admin/ajax.php problems which all seem to relate above thread

    I know heartbeat is the WP API thing

    Is the mc_task related to Media Cloud. If so does anybody else have problems

    It seems to be creating lots of php processes. These processes are making the server grind to a halt. This behaviour is only in admin and not on actual front-end.

    Is this a settings thing or something else. IE can i change settings in plugin to help as it is a super useful plugin but I am going crazy with the admin failing to load

  • @sholto I mentioned in DM, this should be remedied in 2.3.1

    If you go to Settings > Batch Settings, you can control this heartbeat:

    Screenshot of Safari (10-8-19, 9-42-19 PM).png

    Also changed the heartbeat to not send another one until the first one completes.

  • thanks for super fast response and solution. Question i see the free version has upgrade. Does the premium get upgrade when it rolls out further?

  • @sholto The premium version should show an upgrade notice by now. I'm seeing in the dashboard others have upgraded to it.

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