865 x 9999 crop incorrect

  • My custom gallery uses images in two sizes:

    • WPDTRT Gallery Desktop (865 x 368)
    • WPDTRT Gallery Desktop Expanded (865 x 9999)

    The latter of these sizes is intended to present the image at its natural dimensions (9999 = full height). But the height is now being locked at 649px. This results in a squashed image when the viewer is expanded (by clicking the plus sign +), plus the user cannot view the entire image as intended.

    I initially reported this bug via a link to my Github issue page for this, because the images were not live. Now I do have a live example:

    https://dontbelievethehype.co.nz/tourdiaries/asia/east-asia/russia/27/listvyanka-to-bolshie-koty/#first-impressions - all images in this gallery are affected except the one of me.

    Here's a screenshot of the crop editor. This crop should be the size of the image:

    crop editor

  • Update: Unchecking the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' checkbox allows me to select the entire image.

    This is a satisfactory workaround for the problem.

    It is not the cause, as some images have this box checked and never suffered from this problem.

  • Update: It appears that the 'Maintain Aspect Ratio' checkbox state is not remembered.

    This screenshot shows a previously successfully crop (top right) versus the blue crop box which matches the bottom right image instead:

    Main Aspect Ratio state not remembered

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